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Baths are boring

It’s Monday.  I had a Monday today.  Very bad day.  I decided when I got home (after a cleaning spree that almost made me feel better) to take a hot, bubble bath to shake off the rest of the bad day.  Now, my fiancee takes lots of baths.  He loves them!  He reads books in his baths or even falls asleep and naps in the hot water.  (Please note, he’s been doing this since he was at least 16 and hasn’t drowned yet…)  Anyway, I go in and make up my bath, ready to watch one of my favorite shows on DVD.  Hot at first, but warms down fairly quickly (I do not have a high tolerance for hot water) nice honeysuckle smelling bubbles, show starts playing, all is well.

About 15 minutes in, the bubbles are all gone, and the hot water is evaporating into hot air, making me sweat and feel sticky.  Feeling sticky is the opposite of what I wanted.  Even though I’m watching my show, I’m starting to not be as happy as I thought I might be during/after a bath.  So what I’ve learned is that baths are boring.


Well, I should say, adult baths are boring.  I remember having lots of bath toys as a kid and loving bath time!  I wish I had had some bath toys tonight.  Or maybe just a Jacuzzi, since that would have been fun and actually relaxing my muscles.  


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People are not as smart when they drive

While delivering my work to the warehouse today, I encountered a large number of sheep-like people driving.  To turn into the theme-park where I work, there are TWO turning lanes.  When I got to this part of my drive, I noticed that one turning lane had an enormously long line, backed up nearly to the previous light.  This doesn’t even make sense since there are double yellow lines for a Turn Only lane (if you need to turn some point before the light so you’re not blocking traffic) right before they lines scoot over to reveal the actual turning lane.  Make sense so far?  These people were backed up in one turning lane, when there were two, because they were breaking a rule of the road!  If they had stayed in their correct lane on the road, there would not have been as much of a back up.  This is what I did!  I drove right past all those poor people waiting in a sheep line and got in the second turning lane and was past the light within two cycles!  (This light is a rather short turning light, so two cycles isn’t actually all that long).  So I just suppose that people are not as smart when they drive as they are while they are engaging in some other activity.

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The right references are important

I had a friend over today and we were chatting about this and that, like you do, when she began a sentence with, “I read in a book somewhere that…” and went on to tell me something completely wrong about the Hindu religion.  Now, I’m not a Hindu, but I do enjoy studying world religions (enough so that I nearly minored in it in college).  And for the life of me, I can’t remember what the comment was, and I wish I did.  Anyway, the basic gist of this got me thinking about how we learn things.

-We learn things in school as “facts”.  You mix Chemical A with Chemical B and this happens.  The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone.  Etcetera.

-We learn things from our culture.  Sticking your middle finger up is an unacceptable gesture.  A stitch in time saves nine.

-We learn things from the internet.

This last way of learning is actually a mix of the first two.  Unfortunately, there are alot of falsehoods mixed in with the “facts” of the internet, which is why one must be extremely cautious when doing internet research.  Now, it came out through our conversation that my friend had heard another piece of information from another friend who had read it on the internet.  To this I sarcastically stated that “because everything on the internet is always right!”  The problem is, it’s funny because some people still believe it’s true.

So in conclusion, I’ve learned today (well, re-learned, really) that it’s important to have the right references.  If you want to tell me the grass is purple, please bring a scientist that can explain how the light waves are wrong and green really is purple, before you expect me to believe you up front.

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You can’t be profound every day

While trying to think of what I learned today, I went over everything I did today in my mind:

1. Went to Market for groceries and passed one of my best friends on the street and gave her a ride home from Market.  It was nice to see her today, even if we went out for ice cream just last night, but it was a happy accident.

2. Worked on a 1,000 piece puzzle.  Finished it, but found 3 pieces that were either duplicates or didn’t go anywhere.  However, when we rolled up the felt and put the folding table away, I eventually found 3 more pieces on the floor and in the couch.  So it just shows that if you look hard enough, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

3. Another friend came over to pick up a game for someone she’d introduced it too and they’re showing it to their grandparents.  Therefore, people whom I’ve never met will be playing the  game we developed.  That’s kind of a surreal thought.

That’s really about it for points of interest today.  I didn’t do anything.  I didn’t research.  I didn’t actively “learn” anything, but I absorbed information nonetheless.  Therefore, I just suppose that I can’t be profound every day.  And you know something…I’m alright with that.

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Starting a new blog is hard

I had a LiveJournal when I was in High School and I used it like a public diary and to keep in touch with a few friends.  Writing has never been overly hard for me since I tend to write in trains of thought (or balloons of thought, as I can be rather flighty).  But lately I’ve been wanting to share with someone, anyone really, just little bits and bobs that I’ve learned or discovered during the day.  I’ve always said that if you don’t learn at least one new thing every day then life gets very boring.  I’d like to share those bits of learning here.  So, first thing’s first –

Starting a new blog is hard!

I knew I wanted to start writing again, and I knew (sort of) what I wanted to write about, but picking a blogging site, picking a title, writing this first post, is very weird and difficult.  I accidentatly deleted my navigation tabs and took 20 minutes to figure out how to get them back.  Even now, I’m at a point where I’m not sure what else to say for this first entry.  So I suppose that, as they say, is that.

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