Being at school feels special

Even though I am now a Senior at my college, we still needed to attend Orientation today (to get IDs and Parking Passes and that sort of thing).  It felt a little pointless to have the Academic Dean give a speech about what our school’s motto means and how he was sitting in our seats years ago etc. etc. (these are the kinds of things you talk about at graduation!) but I did realize that simply being back in that environment, the familiar faces and locations, made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  And just now I realize that being at school feels special.

And not a cheezy “you’re unique and special” kind of way, but more of a coming home.  Yes, it’s only expected that I should get all touchy-feely about being back in school my final year of it, but my class rules the school now!  All our friends that graduated last year are gone and we’re filling their place…it just doesn’t seem right.  And yet, it does.  It’s taken me a bit longer to get here than most students and I’m pretty darned excited for it to be over and go out into the “real world”.  Except that, since my internship finished and I got my new job that pays me to do design work all the time, I feel like I’m in the real world already and going back for this last year is more like a “Hey, show me you can really do this” kind of year rather than “You’re so not ready for the real stuff, let me spoon-feed you a little longer”.

Anyway, I was really just trying to sum up the feeling of comfort at being in school as well as the comfort in the knowledge that it isn’t going to last much longer so I’d better enjoy it while I can.  And I intend to.  Oh boy, do I intend to.


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