Baths are boring

It’s Monday.  I had a Monday today.  Very bad day.  I decided when I got home (after a cleaning spree that almost made me feel better) to take a hot, bubble bath to shake off the rest of the bad day.  Now, my fiancee takes lots of baths.  He loves them!  He reads books in his baths or even falls asleep and naps in the hot water.  (Please note, he’s been doing this since he was at least 16 and hasn’t drowned yet…)  Anyway, I go in and make up my bath, ready to watch one of my favorite shows on DVD.  Hot at first, but warms down fairly quickly (I do not have a high tolerance for hot water) nice honeysuckle smelling bubbles, show starts playing, all is well.

About 15 minutes in, the bubbles are all gone, and the hot water is evaporating into hot air, making me sweat and feel sticky.  Feeling sticky is the opposite of what I wanted.  Even though I’m watching my show, I’m starting to not be as happy as I thought I might be during/after a bath.  So what I’ve learned is that baths are boring.


Well, I should say, adult baths are boring.  I remember having lots of bath toys as a kid and loving bath time!  I wish I had had some bath toys tonight.  Or maybe just a Jacuzzi, since that would have been fun and actually relaxing my muscles.  


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