Ren Faire is a great excuse to be a smart-ass

Yesterday and today was the opening weekend of our local Renaissance Faire, at which my fiancee and I both work.  Our main job that we do all day, about 8 hours or so (which excludes lunch and privy breaks) is to get people to pet a small lizard.  Now, that might sound boring, but it really isn’t.  You get to interact with lots and lots of people and if they ask you any questions, you have a choice of being polite, or being a smart-ass.

Now, granted, you have this choice in everyday life as well.  However, it is usually considered unacceptable to chose that later with strangers.  You can be a smart-ass with your friends, because they know you’re being a smart-ass and they don’t (usually) get huffy with you.  Myself, I’m a very polite person around strangers.  That being said, it can be such a relief to give a really dumb answer to a really dumb question.  Getting a laugh for it from a total stranger is a nice bonus, too.

For example, I get the question, “Why doesn’t he [the small lizard] run away?” alot.  A perfectly acceptable question to ask!  But since we’re at Faire, I can answer, “Because he’s not moving his legs at all” first and then give the real reason second.  I get to do this all day!  Ren Faire is a great excuse to be a smart-ass!

The reason I did not write this up yesterday was because I had such a long day at Faire, I fell asleep at 10 o’clock and didn’t get a chance to write at all.  Sorry.


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