My skirt is not broken

My fiancee and I work at the Renaissance Faire and as such, have a number of outfits that we can wear.  One of my skirts, my favorite, in fact, had its elastic waistband break at the end of last season.  Very sad, it’s such a pretty skirt.  However, we went searching for and found matching blue thread and new elastic with which to fix it.  Only today, the day before the Faire season begins, did I dig out the skirt and see what I needed to do in order to mend it so I would wear it tomorrow.  In pulling it out and giving it a good looking over (trying to find wear I could  best get at the elastic) I noticed some strings coming out of the waistband.  I pulled.  It tightened the waist.  This is how I discovered (not having noticed for the past two years that I’ve owned this skirt) that my skirt is not broken to the point where I cannot wear it.  Now, I still should probably fix the elastic at some point, but I don’t have to do it in order to wear it tomorrow.  Huzzah!


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