How to bake a potato in an oven

Yes, today I really did learn how to bake a potato in an oven.  See, in previous experience, they way I would bake a potato was to wrap it in tin foil and throw it into the campfire coals and wait till I thought it was ready.  I really have never made BAKED baked potatoes.  The best part was learning that I had to stab it a bunch of times with a fork so it wouldn’t explode in the oven.  Fun times.  The other thing that I couldn’t wrap my head around was that my fiancee wanted me to put olive oil soaked potatoes, directly on the oven rack and to put the cookie sheet underneath them.  Not the potatoes ON the cookie sheet, but put the potatoes on the rack, and the cookie sheet on the second rack directly below them.  I’m smart, but sometimes things just don’t add up in my mind.

They were very tasty, too.


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