The “Smudge” tool in Photoshop is very handy

I was doing some photoshoping for work today and I’d like to share a something I discover while working on my project.  This particular instance was blending copied sections of parchment together to make it look like a long, wavy scroll.  I had already used the Transform -> Warp tool to get a wave form from my semi-rectangular parchment, but I needed it to be many waves.  After copy/pasting a few times I had to go through with the Clone Stamp tool in order to blend the edges together.  However, since the right edge and the left edge were not insignificantly different shades, the blending looked pretty obvious.  Smudge tool to the rescue!  Very large smudge tool, in fact.  Taking the Smudge tool to about half the size of the whole blended line, I wiggled it back and forth (like you would shake a box to get something in it to settle).  Now, that didn’t smudge it a whole lot, but it blended the edges together just enough that it looked like a smooth gradient.  Also, because of the previously stated shade difference, it made my scroll look like it got darker when it was folded back in the wave, therefore, more realistic.  Hurry!  The smudge tool is very handy!


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