People are not as smart when they drive

While delivering my work to the warehouse today, I encountered a large number of sheep-like people driving.  To turn into the theme-park where I work, there are TWO turning lanes.  When I got to this part of my drive, I noticed that one turning lane had an enormously long line, backed up nearly to the previous light.  This doesn’t even make sense since there are double yellow lines for a Turn Only lane (if you need to turn some point before the light so you’re not blocking traffic) right before they lines scoot over to reveal the actual turning lane.  Make sense so far?  These people were backed up in one turning lane, when there were two, because they were breaking a rule of the road!  If they had stayed in their correct lane on the road, there would not have been as much of a back up.  This is what I did!  I drove right past all those poor people waiting in a sheep line and got in the second turning lane and was past the light within two cycles!  (This light is a rather short turning light, so two cycles isn’t actually all that long).  So I just suppose that people are not as smart when they drive as they are while they are engaging in some other activity.


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One response to “People are not as smart when they drive

  1. What a wonderfully tactful re-phrasing of, “Drivers are stupid.”

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