Restarting things sometimes makes them easier

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I had to restart a project because it didn’t save properly.  Well, apparently my do-over didn’t save properly either and I had to begin, again.  This might have taught me to save backups of my work (which may also be a good idea from now on) but it also taught me that restarting things sometimes makes them easier.

The other day when I was doing the project, it seemed very complicated and time consuming.  However, after starting it from the beginning for the forth time, it didn’t seem so as much (but still tedious).  Also, I don’t think it took me as long as it felt like it was going to take me two days ago.  It really only took a couple of hours rather than the multi-day time-span I had anticipated.

Also on this train of thought, my fiancee and I downloaded a game this evening for an hour of free trial game-play.  Once we finished the hour, we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves, so we decided to buy it only to discover that our trial game didn’t save!  So, we had to start from the beginning.  However, knowing what we knew about the story line and game-play, made getting to the point where the game had cut out on us much quicker and easier.


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