Double check I’m actually saving my work

So I have this project I’m working on at work and it’s effectively a fancy interactive product/image gallery.  No big deal, right?  Well, the program I’m using is a little finiky about some things and I think I renamed something when I shouldn’t have.  This program writes the interaction code for me, so I can design all I like and not worry about the code portion of my design.  However, the problem was in the code and for some reason, I couldn’t edit the code.  Neither could my coworkers.  So, I ended up having to start over from scratch.

This all being said, I figure, it’s alright, I can do it better.  So I start redoing all the work that I did yesterday and this morning and save the file with the same name, plus “2” after it so I know which one to continue editing.  For whatever reason, I can’t remember now, I had to close the program and reopen the file.  I know I was saving it as I went!  I go to reopen the file…but it’s not there.  I check the folder for the file name, it’s not there.  I check the whole computer for the file name, it’s not there.  The entire file disappeared into oblivion!  So now I know : Double check that my files are actually saving when I hit Ctrl+S

Maybe it’s because I can’t do laundry this week that the God of Laundry has come to eat my file rather than a sock…


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